Nicholas (nwhyte) wrote,

Bits and pieces

Best Doctor Who post evar. I had to read it twice before I completely got it, and it obviously sailed over the heads of a lot of the commenters.

For the three of you who care and haven't seen it: Match It for Pratchett. (Concept from fastfwd, catchy slogan from akicif.)

vasco_pyjama's sartorial dilemma.

elmyra has some interesting reflections on the latest LiveJournal kerfuffle. Likewise white_hart. (Do you two know each other, by the way?)

If any of you know or are interested in Jonathan Fryer, likely to be Lib Dem MEP for London from summer of next year, I've syndicated his blog to jonathanfryer.

My boss on Samantha Power on Sergio Vieira de Mello (and even if you don't recognise either of those names or know who I work for I think you'll find it an interesting read).

Speaking of Samantha Power, I feel very sympathetic to her recent travails; I once had a narrow escape myself in that regard (fortunately the person who I described as "infuriating friends, colleagues and allies" thought it was funny rather than offensive).
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