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Three more Big Finish audios, the last one slightly out of sequence:

Her Final Flight just about manages to do the it-was-all-a-dream genre of story and get away with it. The interaction between Peri and the Doctor is great, if a little inconsistent with The Age of Chaos (though only a little). The story is one that has been done in the audios a couple of times before, and works this time because it is signalled to us right from the beginning and is then done rather welll. Shouldn't really have worked, but it does.

I knew a bit about The Juggernauts already from the extra material on the I Davros CDs. I was deeply unimpressed with the previous Six/Davros encounter. But I have to say this really grabbed me; it's very much a story of Mel and Davros, with the Doctor in a less prominent role, and both Langford and Molloy really shine. I especially loved the development of Dr Vaso as a kinder, gentler Davros; and the origin story of the Mechanoids, who were among the few redeeming features of The Chase.

For technical reasons I had to skip ahead to Three's A Crowd, which is also a decent play: on the one hand, Erimem is suffering angst about staying with the Tardis, which is a dangerous strategy for the writers which would not work with a less successful companion; on the other hand, our friends find themselves dealing with a culture whose members can't really cope with being in groups of more than two people at a time (due, of course, to Fiendish Alien Manipulation). All seemed to me to work rather well.

In summary, three good 'uns.


Mar. 3rd, 2008 03:07 am (UTC)
here from who_daily. just to add a big "word" to what you said above :) I listened to Her Final Flight and Three's a Crowd a while back and enjoyed them quite a bit. Just listened to The Juggernauts a few weeks ago-- put up my reaction here, but yes, I really did like the storyline between Mel and Davros in this one. Well done.

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