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The Humans, by Matt Haig

Second paragraph of third chapter:
As I walked towards it, I noticed it was some kind of refill station. Cars were parked there, under a horizontal canopy and stationed next to simple-looking fuel-delivery systems. It was confirmed: the cars did absolutely nothing for themselves. They were practically brain dead, if they even had brains.
A novel about an alien who is sent to contemporary Cambridge to wipe out all knowledge of a particular mathematical theorem, and observes the weirdnesses of human society from the viewpoint of an outsider. It didn't really work for me; I found the protagonist a bit too detached, and the afterword to the book which makes clear that it's all Really A Metaphor rather retrospectively spoiled the reading experience for me. Lots of other people seem to have loved the book, but I didn't. (Read in January, only getting around to blogging now.)

This was the most popular book on my unread shelf acquired in 2015. Next up is Etymologican, by Mark Forsyth.

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