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Doctor Who attempts to take on Babylon Five, just a little, in Yquatine, a world where humans and various alien species coexist in uneasy alliance. Except that when the Doctor arrives, it all gets destroyed, and then Fitz is warped back a couple of weeks and falls in love with the President's girlfriend as planetary doom approaches. Several ideas from this book also popped up in last year's TV Who, including the shape-shifting entities which deceptively contain the very people they look like. I enjoyed the same author's Dominion last year and I enjoyed this too.

I have to say that I like my current run of the Eighth Doctor adventures, which I'm nearly half way through as a whole. Fitz in particular is a brilliant concept, a sort of Everyman whose closest counterpart in the classic series was Ian Chesterton (who of course also comes from the 1960s). I bet that 95% of Who fans wouldn't even recognise Fitz Kreiner's name, though he has featured in more Who books than any other companion. I am brewing a longer set of thoughts on this.

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