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June Books 1) Autonomy, by Daniel Blythe

Slightly sad to say that this is the last of the main sequence of Tenth Doctor novels for me to read. It's not a bad one, though my favourite remains Gary Russell's Beautiful Chaos. (It's also set partly in 2012, as was The Shadows of Avalon which I read earlier in the week.) Blythe brings back the Autons with a proper reboot, updating them to the new century in a way that wasn't possible for the TV episode Rose (which also rebooted the Autons, but much else besides) and actually paving the way slightly for the new wrinkles to the Autons that we saw in the first Matt Smith season. Lots of decent action, though the gruesome deaths don't quite fit with the general impression of Who novels of that year of writing for a younger age group.

NB also an odd mention of my adopted land on page 40:
The Doctor raised his eyebrows at the wild lurches the train was giving. 'The speed this thing's going...' he muttered to himself. 'The brakes must be the size of Belgium!' He knew the ride was meant to be exciting, but from the start something about it had left himwondering if it was meant to be taken at quite such a pace.
I guess a bit of a reference to Time Crash there.

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